Client Outcomes

JP was charged with Lewd and Lascivious Molestation and Sexual Battery on a child greater than 12 years of age.  The client's charges were dropped by the prosecutor's office within 40 days of his arrest. He faced a possible 25 year minimum mandatory prison sentence with a maximum sentence of life. 
DB, a medical doctor, was charged with Driving Under the Influence.  Since this case was referred to the Department of Health, a trial was necessary to protect our client's medical license.  After two and a half days of trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
A.N. was charged with DUI with a Breath Test greater than .15.  Our firm won the administrative hearing securing our client's driver's license.  Subsequently, we filed a motion to suppress alleging A.N. was illegally stopped.  After argument of counsel, the court suppressed the breath test, field sobriety exercises and all observations of impairment.  The prosecutors subsequently dropped all charges against our client.

Appellate counsel for Myers vs. State, 211 So. 3d 962 (Fla. 2017) - A FL Supreme Court decision reversing State vs. Myers, 169 So.3d 1227 (Fla. 5th DCA 2015).  This decision found that a citizen can still be in custody, during an interrogation, even when told you are free to leave.
JC was arrested for the offense of Sexual Battery while on felony probation. Due to the new arrest, an A.M.A. (Anti Murder Act) hold was placed on the Defendant preventing him from bonding out of jail.  Ultimately, the client's Sexual Battery charge was dropped and he was reinstated on felony probation.  The client is now free from jail after having faced a possibility of 35 years in prison.
KB, a juvenile, was arrested for the Offense of Criminal Conspiracy.  After negotiations with the prosecutor's office, the child's case was submitted to diversion and the charge was dropped within 3 months.  The child's parent wrote, "Thank you for all your help.  Your professionalism and approach were excellent.  I will definitely recommend your firm to family and friends." 
Mr. Mawn, I definitely thought of you on this Fourth of July.  I am grateful for so many things and you are one of them.  So many times lawyers are maligned in this country because of the actions of a few.  But it is because of lawyers like you that this country is still the greatest in the world and we are still free!  I am sure many factors contributed to the "not guilty" verdict for my granddaughter.  Not the least was your determination and legal insight.  We are so grateful that she does not have this around her neck when she is just starting to pursue her dreams.  Sincerely, M.K.
"Mr. Mawn has the highest integrity for the work he does. Unlike many lawyers, he is incredibly prompt in following up & answering any questions you may have during the process. His fees are very reasonable. He also demonstrates outstanding conflict resolution skills. He explains your options in understandable terms & seeks to attain win-win solutions rather than escalating unnecessary conflict and litigious expenses. Not only is his judgment and insight wise but he is also incredibly professional and honest. I would highly recommend his services." - Anonymous 
AE was charged by information with 12 felony counts (seven second-degree felonies and five third-degree felonies).   The client was facing a total of 130 years prison.  Several of the counts carried mandatory minimum sentences. Through negotiations with the state the client pled to 2 misdemeanor offenses and received a withhold of adjudication with 1 year of probation.

PK was charged by information with 59 felony counts (30 second-degree felonies and 29 third-degree felonies). The client was facing a total of 595 years in prison. Through negotiations the client pled to one second-degree felony and was sentenced to 2 years community control followed by 10 years probation.

BP’s grandmother retained our office on March 21, 2013.  BP was accused of violating probation in five separate felony cases.  On March 25, 2013 we were able to get the Court to reinstate BP to probation with credit for the 13 days he had spent in jail.

MG was arrested for domestic violence battery.  We were able to convince the State to drop the charges.

GS was accused of petit theft.  We were able to convince the State to place GS in a diversion program where the charges would be eventually dropped rather to prosecute him.

KP was accused of obstructing a law enforcement officer in Osceola County.  We were able to convince the State to not file charges.

A domestic violence injunction was sought against GR.  Through negotiations with opposing counsel the domestic violence injunction was abandoned.

DP was accused of violating a domestic violence injunction. We were able to convince the State to place DP in a diversion program where the charges would be eventually dropped.

The Client, RB, was charged with 2 counts of lewd and lascivious assault upon a child.  After pointing out the child’s inconsistent statements and the state’s lack of evidence, the jury acquitted the Defendant of all charges.

The Client, MW, was charged with First Degree Murder and accused of killing a man in a Cocoa Beach condominium.  Just before the commencement of the trial, we were able to convince the prosecution to waive the death penalty.  The Client was acquitted of all charges.
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