Palm Bay, Florida

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City Overview
Palm Bay is one of the major cities of Brevard County, FL, boasting a population of over 103,000 city-dwellers. Initially settled by a tribe of Native Americans called the Timucuans, Palm Bay is a city that is caught between its past as a swampy settlement and its future aspirations. For Palm Bay's own telling of its history, visit their timeline for more information.

Palm Bay was named after the sabal palmetto tree, a type of palm tree. The sabal palmetto is the state tree of Florida (as well as South Carolina). Brevard County and Palm Bay is also home to the Blue Scrub Jay, an endangered species of bird that only lives in central Florida. There have been recent petitions to have this bird become the state bird in order to raise awareness and have a Florida state bird that was unique from other states. (As of 2013, the state bird is the Mockingbird, which is also the state bird of Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas)

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has had a huge impact on the development and growth of Brevard County, Palm Bay included. Because of this, many large businesses in the area pertain to technology and mechanics useful towards space travel. The impact that NASA has had on this area leads many to call it the "Space Coast." It is also home to many growing industries.

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