Titusville, Florida

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Titusville was founded by Colonel Henry Theodore Titus in 1867, though the area was previously called Sand Point. He and his wife, Mary, founded a hotel overlooking the Indian River. From there, they donated land for the first courthouse, four churches, and laid out many of the town's streets. The town was almost called "Riceville" because Col Titus had a bet with Captain Clark Rice in 1873. The bet was over a game of dominoes and Titus won, gaining the ability to rename the town after himself.

With Kennedy Space Center close by, Titusville is a popular destination for tourists to witness space launches and visit other space-related museums and attractions. As part of the Space Coast (along with most of Brevard County, FL), much of its tourism relies on the space program and childhood fascination with space. It also has many beaches and shorelines, making it a popular destination for vacationing.

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